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A Song For: Feeling French

Not sure why I like this. Things don’t make sense sometimes. Oh well. Why question when you can enjoy? If you feel in the mood, grab a baguette, snag a bottle of red, lose your backbone, and throw this track … Continue reading

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Mitzi: India

A mix of House & Indie, a little bit of synth, a few horns for good measure, mellow vocals; no reason to be anything but thumbs up on the new Mitzi track, India. Link below. Cheers. Mitzi – India

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Mixtape: (Warning: This Is Not A Substitute For Adderall)

So its Monday again. Tests, quizes, work (Do I have readers that old?), general obligations. Point is: fuck Monday. But if you feel like pulling the plug on it all, hold on a moment, actually, hold on for a few … Continue reading

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Falling Asleep: You Wish by Nightmares on Wax

I am tired right now. I also feel an obligation to post music. Dilemma. Solution? Post music that I would like to fall asleep to. Brilliant! Enjoy drifting away to “A Space Outta Sound” with this single from the album … Continue reading

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