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Bon Iver: New Album Coming Soon! (FTW!) [For The Win] {Not Fuck The World}

Yes…..Bon Iver has been thinking…. Indeed, he has been thinking hard….thinking very hard. As the picture suggests, Justin Vernon has been thinking and decided that the buckets of tears you shed over his first two albums were not enough. Therefore … Continue reading

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Megafaun: Heretofore

According to the meteorological wizards on my Weatherbug widget, the Southeast is being drenched with cold winter rain. Thus there is no better time to show off Megafaun. Formerly bandmates of Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) in a down home NC … Continue reading

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Falling Asleep: Bon Iver

I title this post with “falling asleep” in the best possible way. I have great respect for Justin Vernon and his ability to send the listener into a dream state. As Thursday evening winds down and I sit here trudging … Continue reading

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