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We’ve Moved: Now

WordPress has been good to me, But everyone has to grow up. New home: I hope you dig the new look. Advertisements

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David Byrne & Brian Eno: Life Is Long

David Byrne is one of those seminal musicians that too often gets forgotten amid the chaos of modern music. Always looking for good music, sometimes I get too caught up in the search for the new. Sometimes it’s easy to … Continue reading

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TV On The Radio: Second Song

TV On The Radio is a hard band to pin down. They make everything from Art Rock to Post-Punk and Free Jazz. Past contributors include David Bowie and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You get the idea they make an eclectic … Continue reading

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The Futurebirds: Hampton’s Lullaby

Hampton’s Lullaby is the first release by the Athens six piece, The Futurebirds. Featuring 4 part harmonies and flying steel guitar over an array of banjos, mandolins, and bass, this album is an excellent mix of what makes the country … Continue reading

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Elliot Smith: St. Ides Heaven

Elliot Smith died October, 21st, 2003 and this blog also has a strict policy against communing with ghosts; thus this song, you must have just realized, is not new. Don’t let that stop you from soaking up the excellent guitar … Continue reading

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Foo Fighters: Wasting Light

Good but not outstanding. That is what I think of the Foo Fighters new album, Wasting Light. A staple of the 90’s rock music scene, the Foo Fighters practically invented the punk tinged guitar riff vs. soft harmonic vocals formula. … Continue reading

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Cover: Mumford & Sons Play Wagon Wheel

On a day of awesome covers, I had to throw this contender into the ring. These Brits have got a good one here. Enjoy it Bailey. Links below Old Crow Medecine Show – Wagon Wheel (Mumford & Sons Cover)

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The Botaniks: Fond of Jane (feat. Bernhof)

“Fond Of Jane wiggles and thumps with heavy sensuality that almost seems like the music is flirting with me. It’s like a beautiful woman eyeing me from across the dance-floor, her hips like tractor beams moving in a rhythmic trance. … Continue reading

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Cover: Ray Lamontagne is Crazy

No, this isn’t an incendiary headline meant to increase viewership. It’s a notification that Ray Lamontagne has covered the Gnarls Barkley song, Crazy. Nothing but strumming and Lamontagne’s epic intonations were necessary to turn Crazy from an alternative chart topper … Continue reading

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A Song For: Feeling French

Not sure why I like this. Things don’t make sense sometimes. Oh well. Why question when you can enjoy? If you feel in the mood, grab a baguette, snag a bottle of red, lose your backbone, and throw this track … Continue reading

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