TV On The Radio: Second Song

TV On The Radio is a hard band to pin down. They make everything from Art Rock to Post-Punk and Free Jazz. Past contributors include David Bowie and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You get the idea they make an eclectic mix.  A lot of bands would get lost in this formless approach to music making. TV On The Radio excels. They have a knack for transforming your ears into a kid in the musical  candy store, hoping you can taste everything at once. TV On The Radio are in essence the collage makers of music. Second Song is a perfect example of their style. Second Song starts slow and formal, ascends for the high energy, falsetto ridden chorus, then comes down only to start the process over again. Only these guys. Enjoy the roller coaster ride. Tickets below.

TV On The Radio – Second Song

Bonus Track:

TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me


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