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Vico Ono: I Wish I Was Jack Johnson

Shoulda been I Wish I Were Jack Johnson. Little known fact, musicians are horrible grammarians. I guess not paying attention in grade school does pay off. Links below. Cheers. Vico Ono – I Wish I Was Jack Johnson Advertisements

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Skee-Lo: I Wish

I wish this rapper hadn’t washed up after the 90’s. Links below. Cheers. Skee-Lo – I Wish

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Cover: The Tallest Man On Earth Goes To Graceland

At 5’7 Kristian Matsson is obviously not the tallest man on earth. That doesn’t stop his music from reaching for the heights; The Tallest Man On Earth kills his cover of Graceland. Matsson’s minimalism and simplicity give Graceland a depth … Continue reading

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Mitzi: India

A mix of House & Indie, a little bit of synth, a few horns for good measure, mellow vocals; no reason to be anything but thumbs up on the new Mitzi track, India. Link below. Cheers. Mitzi – India

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A Song For: “A Discotheque In Prague”

To Do List, Check. Chromeo – Hot Mess (Oliver Remix)

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Three Dog Night: Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)

Wouldn’t it be depressing to look back on your career as a musician and be known only as the maker of a hit single and a children’s sing along? Step in Three Dog Night. Believe it or not they made … Continue reading

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Musikanto: Ghost Pain

Born Mike Musikanto on the northside of Chicago, from an early age young Mike spent his time drowning in his father’s Roots Rock and Folk records. Its evident on his first release, Ghost Pain. Musikanto combines the easy-listening feel of … Continue reading

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Cover: Phish Knows The Roses Are Free

Its been a while since I’ve posted. I’m so sorry you’ve had to steal your music from somewhere else these past couple of days. Here’s a little something to make up for lost time. Phish’s cover of Ween’s Roses are … Continue reading

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Railroad Earth: Waggin’ The Dog

If you’re at all familiar with Railroad Earth it’s highly probable you’ve heard some great songs like Hard Livin’, Give That Boy A Hand, and Mighty River. One track you might be less familiar with is Waggin’ The Dog. Far … Continue reading

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Childish Gambino: EP Release (The Completely Unimpressive Album Cover Is No Indicator of Quality)

Am I addicted to Childish Gambino? Perhaps. Is a gutter mouthed rapper with a brain worth paying attention to? Definitely. And we all thought that it was gonna be Wakka Flocka for the next decade. Thanks be to the Internet. … Continue reading

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